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4 Yoga Poses that Strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles

on February 5, 2013
Flickr @lululemon athletica creative commons

Flickr @lululemon athletica creative commons

The pelvic floor is made up of a series of muscles and spongy tissues that support the uterus, bowel, bladder and sex organs. The pelvic floor muscles combined with the abdominal muscles embody the core, which helps you to develop balance and stability. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with the help of yoga postures can be beneficial during pregnancy and for improving sexual functioning and bladder control.

Mula Bandha

Mula Bandha is the Sanskrit term used to describe a “root lock” or energy center located in the pelvic floor area. The application of Mula Bandha during yoga poses is said to tone the pelvic floor muscles, increase energy and improve balance…

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