Bloomva: yoga + fertility

Supporting women's physical, emotional and sexual health before the baby bump and beyond

Before the Baby Bump and Beyond: Private Sessions + Classes

Through Bloomva, I offer both private lessons and workshops to support women’s physical, emotional and sexual health before the baby bump and beyond.

Whether you are just starting your journey towards conception, struggling to conceive or ready to add meditation + yoga to your health and wellness routine but aren’t sure where to start, I’ll tailor a package to suit your sensitive needs.  Yoga truly supports women’s bodies through the conception journey, even if you are brand spankin’ new to yoga. I also work privately with pregnant women, so we can continue working + growing together throughout your pregnancy.

A typical private lesson package may include: 

  • Pelvic awakening yoga sequences 
  • Best yoga poses for conception
  • Meditations to reduce stress and improve your mental state
  • Principles of natural fertility, charting your cycles and learning how to intuitively understand your menstrual cycle
  • Exercises to unlock your creative fire, positive outlook + natural exuberance
  • How to bring the joy back to the process of conception
  • Nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet pre-conception and beyond
  • Meditations for guilt, grief + letting go
  • Fostering a health sexuality and sexual relationships
  • Chakra blockages and the flow of prana through the subtle/energetic body
  • Couples activities
  • Breathing exercises to improve sexual pleasure, increase your chances of conception and help reduce pain and trauma associated with labor + delivery
  • and more!


6-Private Fertility Yoga Sessions for $600 or individual sessions for $100/session


For a free phone consultation to discuss how I can help you on your journey towards conception, call (267) 908-3801 or email

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